Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Eco + Bargain Wishlist @ '08

It's Christmas again, and my wishlist is here again. I'm in a makeup fetish and a saving mood, so I'm ready for new product reviews. :)


I've been reading some very great comments about this product. Besides the obvious that it's this little baby is environmentally friendly, this is cruelty-free, and made of recycled materials. This for me is a great innovation for a generation of people who have become more aware of the movement to save our planet, such as myself.

Although Eco Tools is not available in the Philippines, I've asked my friend Nikka to buy me a set from Target at Houston (since she'll be going back to Texas for the holidays and practically lives next door from Target!). From what I've read, this plant-based beauty tool is very affordable and can be bought at places like Target for less than $11.00. With the conversion rate going on here, I'd be able to dish out the PhP500.00 payback to my relatives.


Okay, so this one is available in my country! It's actually a local brand that I saw in the December 2008 issue of Candy magazine. This is a real great find and product that I'm hoping to get myself one of these in Happiness, which is almost the same shade as the Classic Pink of Max Factor's Flawless Perfection Blush that I do have. This comes in 1g and 2.5g pots, that roughly translates to $3.75.

Mineral makeup is said to be more effective than its predecesors, and does not cause acne or skin irritations like those you can expect from pressed variations of cosmetics. A lot of my friends are using mineral makeup, and I'm hoping to try it out myself since I'm very prone to acne and pimples. With all the mania for MMU and an incredibly affordable product such as this (don't let it fool you! It's received awesome testimonials from it's users!), plus the Eco Tools Mineral Brush Set (which I'll be getting with the 5-piece brush set), I'll be sure to start tapping my calculator for this.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MAXED OUT: Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush

Since the beginning of 2008, I’ve become an official makeup junkie. I canvas malls and department stores for great cosmetic finds, and one of them is a great blush on. Blame it on my mom and her gargantuan collection.

Being a student and running on a low budget, I opted for cheaper brands that target the teen population (a.k.a. Penshoppe, Bench). But sadly, none really satisfied me because for one, they only sell one or two shades that appear awkward on my skin. Second, my pimples tend to break out after a few days of usage.

But then, I stumbled upon the Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush one afternoon while shopping with my dad. I’ve always wanted to try Max Factor, since my mom’s nuts about it as well as MAC (her favorite brand). I used a sample on my cheeks and loved the result!
They don’t lie in the Internet when they say that this is a wonderful product, because it is. It’s light, and it’s FLAWLESS. I bought their shade in Classic Pink, because according to the saleslady, it’s their bestseller. I adore using this everyday in school because at the end of the day, the color is still there.

It colors easily, and may seem much after application. BUT it gradually fades softly and appears very natural, like you’re actually blushing. Friends have told me that I have that flushed look on my face, but I actually wasn’t blushing at all! It’s a bit pricy, but worth the cash I dished out for this!

Once mine runs out, this’ll be at the top of my list to save for. :)